About Judy Zhu

My name is Judy Zhu or Mengxia Zhu which is my real and Chinese name. Mengxia means dreaming of beautiful clouds.  Actually I did not dream of clouds but I dreamed of arts, drawings, cartoons, animations. I was surrounded by all the fairy tales, Disney movies and all cartoon characters in my childhood. I cannot tell you how much I love to draw and it already becomes part of my life.
I am a graduate student major in animation and lives in San Francisco right now. Before that I went to study computer art for my undergraduate in Shanghai, China and I started learning animation. The more time I spend with animation the more I love it. I made several animation shorts that were mostly done with Flash and my film was one of the 20 best animations in the Beijing university film festival. I also did a lot of freelance job as animator and illustrator. After I graduate from college I got a job to be a flash animator. It was a very excited experience to work with other artists but after one year I decided to pursue my Disney dream. That is why I flow to San Francisco to start my master degree in the Academy of Art University. In the US I met so many friends they all came from different cultures and I was so inspired by them.  
I love cooking, baking, reading, writing, dancing, singing, skiing (only a bunny right now!), traveling and so many other things. I also like to try new things and enjoy adventures.
The best thing to me is I am actually doing my favorite thing everyday which are animating and drawing. I always have so many dreams just like my name but the biggest one will be making a film that everybody would laugh and enjoy.
                                                                                                                                          Judy zhu
                                                                                                                                          Jan 15th 2011